Building Informational Modeling (BIM) is a process of creating and managing 3D building data during its development. This real-time, dynamic computer technology can significantly help increase AEC productivity. BCS is pleased to offer BIM as a core area of expertise. Services we provide our clients include:

BIM Implementation

  • Firms are finding it hard to navigate the transition to BIM and make the significant investment required to implement BIM tools successfully. BCS provides expert assistance to firms that are looking to transition from 2D to BIM. We make the planning and integration process seamless and efficient so you are up and running quickly.
    • BIM Strategic Roadmap
    • BIM Assessment and Plan of Action
    • BIM and CAD Standards Creation
    • BIM Software Development

BIM Management

  • Finding the right partner to help you integrate BIM and use the tool to its full capability is important. BCS has the in-house talent to oversee your BIM function on a part-time, full-time or contract basis.
    • Onsite BIM Management
    • BIM Workflow and Process Development
    • BIM Project Mentoring
    • BIM Modeling Project Assistance
    • Company Training Program

BIM Modeling

  • Companies are often on tight schedules and, at times, find themselves lacking the manpower and resources to complete BIM tasks when required for projects. Our team can easily step in and provide modeling services to supplement your staff and workflow.
    • 2D conversion to BIM
    • BIM Content Creation
    • Project Visualization Assistance

Staff Augmentation

  • For the AEC-industry, finding the right BIM experts can be difficult and daunting. We are able to staff your team with knowledgeable BIM professionals who can jump in and get up to speed quickly so you have the right resources in place to meet your critical deadlines.
    • BIM Production Assistance
    • Project Assistance / Project Mentoring
    • Project BIM Leadership Assistance and Guidance
    • Clash Detection Assistance / Guidance
    • Project Visualization Assistance

BIM Training

  • Whether your team needs a refresher course on BIM for existing staff or a full training session for new employees, we can customize a program to fit your needs.
    • One-on-One Custom Training Program
    • Group Custom Training Program
    • Project Mentoring and Training Program
    • Onsite Company Custom Training Program

BIM Analysis and Assessment

  • If you feel your BIM standards are out of date or just don’t seem to be meshing well with your workflow, we can analyze your situation and provide recommendations on processes and procedures that will increase your firm’s efficiencies.
    • Company Network Analysis for BIM
    • Company Current Standards Evaluation and Analysis
    • Company Recommendations of Improved Efficiencies

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